1. Why should rent a car with Get and Ride?

By renting a car with Get and Ride, you don't have to worry. Everything is easy, fast, and definitely reliable. You can save your time and costs. Apart from that, you can also choose a car for a vacation around the city of Bali according to your needs at the best price.

2. How to rent a car with Get and Ride?

You can rent a car through Get and Ride website or apps. Here are the steps you can follow:

  • Register and Login to the platform
  • Choose “With Driver” or “Without Driver” service
  • Fill location, time, and duration
  • Choose your car type. Make sure you read and agree with the Rental Terms & Conditions also the Policy Conditions
  • Select car pick up details.You can take it directly to the rental place or choose to have it delivered to your place
  • Make sure you have filled in and uploaded your personal data such as a photo of your ID Card (KTP/Passport/Driver License)
  • Double check your order
  • Make your payment

3. Do I have to have a driver's license to rent a car at Get and Ride?

For car rental at Get and Ride, renter “without driver” is required to have and show an ID card/SIM A for domestic tourists and an International SIM/Passport for non-domestic tourists. Also make sure all documents are original, not on behalf of another person, and are still active.

4. Is there an age limit for renting a car at Get and Ride?

Renters must be over 17 years old and must show an Identification Card (KTP)/SIM A or an active International Driver License / Passport.

5. Are there additional fees to be paid when picking up or returning the car?

There is no charge for Off Key / Self-Drive service if the pick-up or return is made in the rental garage or in the Kuta or Legian area (free). A cost will be added outside of these areas, ranging from IDR 50,000 to IDR 100,000 depending on the distance.

The all-in package (with driver), pick-up, and use of the Zone 0 car (inside the city) are all free (free). There is an additional price for using the Zone 1&2 region (outside the city), with additional fees starting at IDR 75,000 depending on the indicated distance.

6. How do I reschedule / cancel a rental car booking?

For reschedule and cancellation requests, you can contact our whatsapp at +62 81262511511. Make sure you understand the refund and rescheduling provisions that have been informed. If you want to know the rescheduling status of your Car Rental ticket, you can contact our WhatsApp for more detailed information.

7. Is the driver's charge included in the Get and Ride car rental?

The rate for renting a car with a driver includes the driver's services as well as the driver's meals.

8. Can I choose my own pickup time while renting a car through Get and Ride?

You can schedule the pickup time based on your availability. It is not feasible to set a pickup time earlier than 7 a.m.

9. Why can't get a car rental in some places?

If you do not locate the desired location while requesting a car rental, it is possible that the location has not been registered within the range of the Get and Ride service or that the car at that location is not available or has been ordered by other customers at the time of order

10. Is the driver familiar with Bali's highways and tourist areas?

There is no need to be concerned. Get and Ride has a competent and experienced driver.

11. Will the car rental company provide an invoice?

We will create an invoice for each car rental order that has received a Down Payment and send it to you through email or WhatsApp in PDF format.

12. What sorts of cars are available for lease through Get and Ride?

We have Toyota Alphard, Toyota Hiace, Ertiga, Veloz, Innova, Avanza, and many other models available. Further information is available on our website Get and Ride or through WhatsApp at +62 81262511511.

13. Can I modify the type of car I rent once I book it?

If you have previously made a reservation and would like to change the type of car, you must cancel the existing reservation and make a new one for the new car type. For more information, please contact our customer service at +62 81262511511.

14. What exactly is the renting area?

The rental area is the maximum distance a car rental can travel. While ordering, there are many rental locations that can be verified in the coverage area. Check to see whether locations are included in the chosen plan and do not incur additional fees, because additional fees will apply if you use a car outside of the area covered by the package.

15. What if I can't reach the driver?

If you are unable to contact the driver, please contact our customer service at +62 81262511511.