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Thank you for visiting our website, https://getandride.com/. We hope that your visit is beneficial and provides comfort in accessing and using all the services available on our website. We continuously strive to improve and enhance the quality of our services, and we greatly appreciate any feedback, suggestions, and input from you. Please feel free to convey them to us via email at cs.btg@getandride.com or by phone at +62 81262511511. You can also contact us through our website using the following link.

This website is owned, operated, and managed by PT. Kreatif Transportasi Gemilang ('We' or 'getandride.com'), located at Jl. Griya Anyar Gg. Kamboja Asih No.88, Pemogan, South Denpasar, Denpasar City, Bali 80221. We are a limited liability company established under the laws of the Republic of Indonesia. Our website and services are available online through the website https://getandride.com/ or various other access points, media, devices, and platforms, both currently available and those that will be available in the future.


You confirm that you have read, comprehend, agree to, and are bound by the terms and conditions for using Get and Ride by using and accessing the Get and Ride website and its application. You are not permitted to access the website or use our services if you do not agree to abide by and be bound by these terms. Please note that in order to use this site, you must be at least eighteen (18) years old.

The following are the terms and conditions for using Get and Ride:

(i) General terms and conditions that apply to any access to and use of the site's services.
(ii) Particular terms and conditions that further define how certain products and services may be used.

The terms and conditions for using Get and Ride may be modified, added to, removed, or otherwise changed (a 'change') at any time as determined by the needs of the site's development and applicable laws and regulations. It is recommended that you frequently check our website to learn about these changes.

You must turn on your mobile device's geolocation capability in order to use some Services in the Application. This geolocation activation is required for the use of services connected to directions, routes, and locations by using maps available in the app, including detecting your location and allowing us to provide service features at your present location ('Current Location'). We reserve the right to accept, postpone, or reject your request for the Service in our sole and absolute discretion.


You may use the products and services accessible on this Site for personal and non-commercial purposes, subject to the Terms and Conditions of Use in effect at Get and Ride at the time.

When you register with the Application, we gather and process your personal information, including your name, address, email address, and phone number. In order for us to continue offering you the full range of services, you must give correct, current, and updated information. Moreover, you must consent to give us any identity proof that we may lawfully request.

We own the items, technology, and processes contained or contained on the site or application. Except for the uses permitted by the Get and Ride terms and conditions. You do not own or receive anything from us, and we do not grant you any additional rights to this site or application or any of its data, information, or content.

You have committed to refraining from downloading, displaying, transmitting, or otherwise making public any content that does not follow the guidelines set forth in Get and Ride's terms and conditions of use.

Without Get and Ride's previous written approval, you are not permitted to link, screen capture, or crawl data to the site or application. These actions are regarded as a breach of the intellectual property rights of Get and Ride.


Get and Ride delivers and arranges an integrated online ordering system and facilities ('Services'), which can service the auto transportation rental you desire, as well as make bookings and purchases and pay online and securely through various accessible payment systems and facilities.

Except for repairs, upgrades, or maintenance on our site, our Services are normally available online twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

Without our express permission, you are not permitted to resell our goods, utilize, copy, monitor, display, download, or duplicate any material or information, software, or services available on our applications or sites for any commercial activities or purposes.

You can place valid orders and purchases using the programs, websites, and services that are offered. Orders and purchases cannot be made for speculative, fraudulent, or illegal purposes. We retain the right to cancel your order or purchase if it turns out to be invalid, as we may find out or have reason to suspect.

You also ensure that the data and information you supply to us, whether while ordering/ordering or registering at Get and Ride, are accurate, current, and complete. Please refer to the Data Use Policy for the conditions of use of the data and information you give.

The Confirmation Letter contains just information for the name specified on the Confirmation Letter. You are solely accountable for any information that is disseminated as a result of your negligence and/or intent to cause harm to yourself or others.


Get and Ride constantly aims to deliver services at the best possible price that you can buy, therefore you should double-check and understand the particular terms and circumstances that apply to a price before placing an order. You should also review and understand the cancellation and refund policies that apply to certain Goods and/or Prices.

Taxes, levies, fees, and other things that we shall mention on our website are included in the prices listed.

On occasion, we might provide discounts and/or promotions. Please be advised that specific terms and conditions could be necessary, such as those relating to order and refund policies.

Get and Ride reserves the right to adjust a product's pricing at any time without prior notice, but products you have purchased and for which you have received a Confirmation Letter will not change.


Payment of the buying price is a requirement for making a purchase. We accept credit card payments (VISA, Master Card, and BCA Card), Virtual Account transfers, transfers between accounts and between banks to Get and Ride bank accounts, and other payment methods as specified on the Site.

We use Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology to protect and encrypt your payment card information. For you to obtain further treatment in accordance with applicable procedures and laws, you must report any instances of credit card fraud or misuse of the payment system to us and your credit card issuing company / bank right away.

You must carefully follow the payment instructions we provide. Here's what happened with your payment:

(i) by including both our account number and the Virtual Account number on every order you place; and/or

(ii) a mistake in processing the nominal payment for your order results in the transfer of your money to a virtual account or account that does not follow the payment instructions we provide, or it results in the debiting of a nominal amount from your bank account that does not follow the payment instructions we provide, which results in You understand and accept that if your order is not verified, we are under no obligation to issue a refund to you due to any errors or carelessness on your part that resulted from failing to adhere to the payment instructions we have provided, making the loss entirely your responsibility. Also, the payment error indicated above cannot be accepted as a valid payment for your order; therefore, in order to receive confirmation of your order, you must make a payment in accordance with the payment instructions we have supplied.

For each order that we can validate, we will send you a confirmation letter through email with a description of the goods, the order you placed, and payment confirmation. The details in the confirmation letter we provide you must be printed out and kept on file by you. This confirmation letter is a crucial document, so make sure you have a printout on hand whenever you use or pick up the item you ordered. We refuse to deliver items or services if you cannot demonstrate that you have lawfully placed an order and paid for it, and that you have released Get and Ride from all duties and losses in any form.

Changes and Cancellations

Get and Ride will consider that you have read, understood, and agreed to the cancellation policies and conditions if you place an order. Every confirmation letter we provide to you includes information about our cancellation procedures and terms. Please keep in mind that certain tariffs or offers are not refundable or changeable. You are responsible for reviewing and understanding the cancellation policies and conditions ahead of time.

If you want to review, amend, or cancel your order, please contact our customer service by email or phone. Please keep in mind that additional fees for cancellation may apply depending on the cancellation policies and conditions.

The procedures for submitting changes and canceling orders are outlined in the Confirmation Letter or other media that we may update from time to time.

If you cancel your order, we will provide a refund under the following conditions:

  • Refunds are given in the amount and time specified by the policies and cancellation requirements that are in effect.
  • According to the applicable policies, the amount of monies returned to you cannot be more than the nominal amount you paid to us.
  • Refunds are sent to the car renter's account that has been registered on your order for transactions that were paid for using Klikpay BCA using a BCA Card.

You acknowledge and agree that We may only process cancellation requests in accordance with the applicable cancellation terms and conditions, Grab & Ride Terms and Conditions of Use, e-Refund Terms and Conditions, and other terms and conditions that apply to Our Site. For this reason, you agree to hold us harmless from any losses you might incur as a result of your cancellation request or your failure to adhere to the relevant cancellation terms and conditions, Get and Ride terms and conditions, e-Refund terms and conditions, and other rules that apply to our website.


When you access your data information and place orders on our site, we use Secure Server Layer (SSL) access, which encrypts the data information that you submit through this site.

We will do our best to assure its safety. We cannot guarantee the encryption's strength. You are required to make sure that the device(s) used to access Get and Ride are fully under your control and that we won't be held liable for any issues that arise as a result of unauthorized access to the information you give. As a result, by utilizing the equipment or devices you are using to access Get and Ride, you release us from any losses that occur or may occur as a result of your carelessness.

Because your account is entirely your responsibility, you should always change the confidentiality of your password on a regular basis.

Data Usage

We value your privacy and take it seriously.

We will record and retain your personal information and data when you make a booking with Get and Ride. We store your personal information and data in order to provide you with products and services. We will save any data that you give from time to time for accounting, auditing, credit card verification, security, points or all types of forms, promotion, development, and to enable us deliver services to you in the future.

We reserve the right to disclose your personal information and data to group companies and their affiliates (groups of companies), partner partners, government authorities, and competent legal practitioners in any country.